The BEST Chocolate Sauce


This is a most versatile chocolate sauce. Ideal for using to make chocolate mousse with a “creative base”, as a dessert topping or a teaspoon in your gravy to give it shine and depth of flavour. If you leave out the sugar it can be used in all mole sauces, yum!

Prepration time

10 min


5 servings


Heat all ingredients until sugar has melted. Heat to just before boiling. Thicken with 2 tablespoons corn flour mixed with a little milk. When thick (be careful not to burn) add 2 tablespoons cream and 30 g butter. Stir until creamy and shiny.


  • 1 ½ cups milk
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 4 tablespoons good quality cocoa
  • ½ teaspoon real vanilla or seeds from 1 pod