Everyone has a winning recipe that they got from so and so, but please try this recipe. It’s great! Get all your buddies together and have a wors party. Do not miss out on this delicious boerewors sausage dinner recipe.

Crème Brulee

Crème brûlée, also known as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel. The crispy, burnt sugar is the best part of this delicious dessert.

Booze Recipes

Not sure whether to order a drink or dessert? You can have both! Nothing tops off a delicious meal like a couple of alcoholic desserts. Coffee liqueur recipes are really good and makes a super gift! Alcohol adds a lot of flavour to dessert recipes.

The BEST Chocolate Sauce

This chocolate sauce is ideal to make chocolate mousse with a “creative base”, a dessert topping. A teaspoon in your gravy gives it shine and depth of flavour. If you leave out the sugar it can be used in mole sauces.

Hard Chocolate Topping

Hard chocolate toppings keeps well in the fridge. Warm the chocolate in a double boiler or the microwave. Please be careful not to burn. Pour chocolate sauce over ice cream or dip the ice cream in a cone.

Deep-fry Chocolate Bar

This is a really decadent dessert. This recipe has been around for a while, and if you are a chocoholic it will always be a winner. Serve hot with custard and chocolate garnish, strawberries or a chocolate dipping sauce.


Discover the fun of baking and decorating cupcakes! A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminium cup. Let yourself float away on its decadent melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

Umami (oo-mom-mee)

Umami is a “pleasant savoury taste”. We taste sweet, sour, salt and bitter, but the 5th taste is caused by a amino acid called glutamic acid which is found in a wide variety of foods. By adding umami to dishes you bring out a “depth of flavour.”

Buttered Chicken Curry

This is a rich, creamy and flavourful dish with a medium hot taste. This is the perfect way to introduce curry to those who don’t normally eat curry. Ethnic spices are combined with simple ingredients for a very tasty dish! Delicious!