Umami (oo-mom-mee)

Umami is a “pleasant savoury taste”. We taste sweet, sour, salt and bitter, but the 5th taste is caused by a amino acid called glutamic acid which is found in a wide variety of foods. By adding umami to dishes you bring out a “depth of flavour.”

Buttered Chicken Curry

This is a rich, creamy and flavourful dish with a medium hot taste. This is the perfect way to introduce curry to those who don’t normally eat curry. Ethnic spices are combined with simple ingredients for a very tasty dish! Delicious!


Soya is very versatile, cost effective and nutritious. You can use it to replace meat in any stew, bredie, curry or potjie. The nutritional value increase makes this a product worth having! It’s attributed to a large amount of health benefits.

Mole Sauce

Mole is the generic name for a number of sauces used in Mexican cuisine and other dishes. This makes a super basting sauce for grilling/BBQ. It is one of those sauces you either love or hate, if you hate it, leave out the chocolate.